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  1. What exactly are these Fat Jew IRL shows? Who’s performing? When? Where?The Fat Jew IRL shows are sponsored by Four Loko. They are a representation of our mutual desire for outrageous parties and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. The Fat Jew decided to bring along some of his best friends – who happen to be world famous DJs – and Four Loko to celebrate the release of his book, “Money Pizza Respect.”Dillon Francis is playing shows in Chicago at Revel Fulton Market (1215 W. Fulton) on Jan. 9th, Tempe, AZ at El Hefe (640 S. Mill Ave.) on Jan. 23rd, and Columbus, OH at The Bluestone (583 E. Broad St.) on Jan 29th. Upon discovering their shared love for gluten free pasta, Dil and Jew have been inseparable ever since.Zed’s Dead will be performing in New York at Webster Hall (125 E. 11th St.) on January 15th. The Toronto-based duo (who got their name from the movie Pulp Fiction) have been friends with The Fat Jew ever since Drake wrote multiple break-up songs about his relationship with each of them.
  2. How do I RSVP to the shows?RSVP for FREE at www.FatJewIRL.com
  3. Does the show cost anything?NO! The show is FREE (yes, you read that correctly), but you have to RSVP at www.FatJewIRL.com – each show has limited space, so make sure you arrive early!
  4. Is there an age requirement for the shows?Yep. You must be 21 or older AND have a valid, government-issued ID with you to get in.
  5. Am I guaranteed entry to the show if I RSVP?Even if you’ve RSVP’d, the best way to guarantee entry is to get to the venue early because we can’t let in additional guests once the venue is filled to capacity. Plus, we’ll have some awesome DJs and other cool stuff going on before the show that you won’t want to miss, so get there early!
  6. Can I bring a friend to the show?Yes, if you’ve added them as “GUESTS” when you RSVP’d at www.FatJewIRL.com.
  7. When does each show start?Please check local Facebook events for show times.
  8. Why this crazy collaboration between The Fat Jew and Four Loko?Why not?!?! The Fat Jew is the definitive spirit animal for Four Loko. If there was a human embodiment of Four Loko in a husky/hairy/human vessel, it is Mr. Jewthor Vandross himself. After a Four Loko and a late night “u up?” text, our relationship was born.
  9. Besides seeing an awesome show, do I get anything for going?Besides amazing memories, yes, we wouldn’t want you to leave empty-handed, so we’re giving away The Fat Jew’s hilarious new book, “Money Pizza Respect,” to everyone who attends.
  10. Will alcohol be served at the shows/raves?Yes, Four Loko and Four Loko spirits will be available for FREE at each show. Of course, if you’re going to have any alcohol, please drink responsibly!