Top Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Destinations

Weddings are great, but everyone knows the real fun is at the bachelor/bachelorette party. We asked 1,000 people, ages 21 to 70, about their destination bachelor and bachelorette parties, and now we’ve got the data to back it up. Of the people we surveyed, 78 percent of bachelors and 67 percent of bachelorettes said their party was more fun than the wedding. We wanted to know about EVERYTHING, so even though the survey was anonymous, we’re sure a few things that happened in Vegas (or elsewhere) might have been left out.

What are the top destinations, besides Vegas? Overall, Chicago was number two, followed by Atlantic City, New York and Atlanta, to round out the top five. Also, hotter weather meant hotter nights - no surprise here as Key West, Los Angeles, Cancun, Las Vegas and Miami were all rated the “wildest” cities that people visited. The tamest? Denver, Nashville, Houston, San Francisco and Seattle rounded out the bottom five.
So what are people actually doing at these parties? When it comes to laying out the agenda, there’s an obvious goal to make sure no one goes thirsty. 83 percent of our respondents said going to bars or pubs is the main attraction, followed by restaurants (54%), adult entertainment (53%), live music (46%), and casinos (37%). A true bachelor/bachelorette party should include all of these.

Destination bachelor/bachelorette party planning usually falls on the best man or maid of honor. While ten percent of brides and grooms plan their own send-off soirees, most respondents said a bride/groom planned party was less wild. The most exciting parties were those planned as a genuine group effort.

The average group size for these parties is 6-10 people. Results show that bachelorette parties are more likely to be extreme in terms of group size, ranging from 1-5 people or more than 25. As groups get bigger, people rate the parties as more fun, probably because large groups make it easier to ignore the one person that always starts drama.

When you’re headed out of town for an amazing bachelorette or bachelor party, don’t forget your wallet. The average amount people spend on these trips is $625.20, and guys are more likely than gals to drop $1,000+. The upside of all the spending? Parties were rated wilder the more money people spent.
Do you have a party coming up? Take a look through our findings and learn from the experiences of others. Let your closest friends plan the epic send off, go somewhere warm, and get creative with your agenda. Also, don’t take it personally that most people enjoy the bachelor/bachelorette party more than your wedding. You’ll probably feel the same about theirs.