You Are What You Drink

Whether it’s through fortune cookies, tarot cards, horoscopes, or Briggs-Meyer tests, people are always eager to delve deeper into what makes them tick. Look no further than the drink in your hand! We surveyed 2,000 people about their favorite alcoholic drink and learned that what’s in your glass could be a peek into what’s in your personality. Here are some of the profiles we detected in popular drinks.

Alcohol advertising has been blasting the same ideas for decades: Men drink beer, women drink wine. According to our survey, the ads aren’t far off the mark. Women are 80% more likely to choose wine as their preferred drink, and 82% of men are more likely to choose beer. Of the respondents, the wine drinkers tended to be Republicans of the Baby Boomer generation who describe themselves as nurturers living a healthy lifestyle.

Beer drinkers, on the other hand, can be more likely found in the mountain region and identify themselves as outdoorsy, with bonfires present at countless epic beer bashes. Most insurance professionals are bona-fide beer fans and are likely to do some gambling at a house party while chugging their suds.  

Think back to the last time you had one of those “I can’t believe that happened!” kind of nights. If words like “hot tub”, “Vegas,” and “club” come to mind, chances are high that you’re a woman from the Midwest or Southwest, and you were drinking popular cocktail mixers, like vodka, gin, tequila, or flavored malt beverages. Whether done as shots, straight up, mixed with soda or seltzer, or on the rocks, boozes like vodka and gin are the happy hour workhorses at the bar when people are looking to have a good time and let loose on the dance floor.
Some drinks lend themselves to a specific locale. Imagine a lounging poolside with a daiquiri in hand, or sipping a piña colada while soaking up the sun. Nothing says vacation better than rum. Rum plays well with fruity mixers, making it a tropical mainstay for rum-drinkers, who tend to be Gen X real estate professionals.

If a great getaway includes a cabin or tent, you might be a whiskey aficionado who considers himself an extrovert, and works in manufacturing. 78% of men are more likely to pick whiskey as their drink of choice, second only to beer for men surveyed.

Similarly, some drinks signal a certain kind of event. Champaign immediately evokes VIP treatment, elegant dinner parties, and a celebratory air. Champaign drinkers are three times more likely to be women, located in the Southwest, and 86% more likely to be single. Champaign is a popular birthday beverage, thanks to its association with toasts and celebrations.

Cider is a quirky outlier. It’s most popular with Millennials on the West Coast and 80.52% of cider drinkers identify as introverts. Yet when asked what kind of epic party a cider-drinker would attend, words like “Vegas, “wedding,” and “weird” come to mind. Party on, cider-drinkers!

Whatever your drink of choice, as long as you’re drinking responsibly, you can be whomever you want to be that night.