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Life is unpredictable and full of possibilities. Chance by chance, moment by moment, we thrive on fueling epic stories that make each night unforgettable. At Four Loko we salute those who dare to live in the moment. Four Loko nights should be big, bold, and unexpected. That is why we push boundaries through product innovation and our live events.

Four Loko

From the very beginning, the Four Loko journey has been one of relentless creativity. What started as a bold idea among friends and a small business loan has grown into a global brand. Four Loko Stories are being made in 35 different countries worldwide.

In 2017 we launched two new versions of Four Loko: Bold and Bartender Series. We also released our first ever liquor with Four Loko Shots. Reinvention and risk-taking is in our DNA.

Bartender Crowd

Our Story

As we defy convention with our products, we are always looking to create unforgettable experiences with our events as well. Four Loko always brings the newest and hottest music talent in the world. However, we work to ensure that we don’t just create concerts; we create experiences. 

Just as we have remained steady in our drive toward innovation and authentic experiences, we are equally relentless in our commitment to being a responsible member of the alcoholic beverage community.

Resilient, fearless, and unapologetically fun, we are constantly redefining and living our own epic story. Yet, there is always more to come. Here’s to living life.

For more information, visit us at

For more information, visit us at
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