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Q: Is Four Loko Currently Banned or Illegal Anywhere?

A: Four Loko is NOT banned or illegal. In fact, it is available in 49 US states. For more specific information on product availability, please visit our product locator page.

Q: Does Four Loko Contain Caffeine, Guarana or Taurine?

A: No, Four Loko does not contain caffeine, taurine or guarana. As part of a voluntary product reformulation in 2010, we removed those ingredients from the product. To see where Four Loko is available near you, check our product locator!

Q: What Ingredients Are In Four Loko?

A: Four Loko is a premium malt beverage with natural and artificial flavors. To see where Four Loko is sold near you check out our product locator!

Q: Do other countries sell Four Loko with Caffeine, Guarana and/or Tuarine?

A: No, we do not include caffeine, taurine, or guarana in Four Loko or any of our products.

Q: Is Four Loko dangerous?

A: Absolutely not. Unfortunately, any alcohol beverage can be abused if not consumed responsibly. The issues of irresponsible alcohol consumption will only be solved by increased education, stronger enforcement of existing laws and personal responsibility. To that end, we will continue to go above and beyond federal and state laws and industry standards to ensure that our products, and all alcohol beverages, are consumed safely and responsibly.

Q: Where Can I Buy Four Loko?

A: Four Loko is available at many retailers throughout the United States. If you’re 21 or over, check out our product locator to find where you can buy Four Loko near you. We are also available in over 35 countries around the world.

Q: What Is the Alcohol Content Of Four Loko?

A: The alcohol content of Four Loko varies by state, but is typically available in 8%, 10%, 12% or 14% alcohol by volume (ABV). For more information about our products, please visit our flavors page.

Q: How Much Does Four Loko Cost?

A: The price of Four Loko is comparable to other products in the malt beverage category. Cost varies by location and retailer. To see where Four Loko is sold near you check out our product locator!

Q: What Flavor is “Four Loko Gold”?

A: Four Loko Gold is quickly becoming one of our most popular flavors. For more info, please visit our Four Loko Gold Page.

Q: Is Four Loko sold in China?

A: Four Loko is available for purchase in China. Four Loko is sold in authorized Chinese retailers and online through the official Four Loko Weibo page. Please only purchase Four Loko from these authorized retailers or the official Weibo page. We do not support the sale of Four Loko through other, unauthorized retail channels.